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The community of Rollingwood
Village is made up of a mix of 880
Townhomes and Single Family
Homes.  We are located in
Woodbridge, VA. The entrance of
our community is off of the
intersection of Minnieville Road
and Smoketown Road.

​There are 16 individual Homeowner
Associations (HOAs) in Rollingwood
Village.  Rollingwood Village
Recreation Association (RVRA) is the
umbrella Home Owners Association
(HOA) that covers the entire
community and common areas.

The RVRA Board of Directors is made
of a group of volunteer homeowners
along with the assistance of a part
time office manager and property
manager MJF Associates, Inc.  


If you have questions or concerns that need to be addressed, please contact the HOA for your specific townhome section, or the RVRA office at or 703-580-8157 to ensure your comments receive the attention they deserve.


Thank you for your involvement and interest in keeping Rollingwood Village a picturesque setting in which to live.

Reach out and introduce yourself to your neighbors.  We hope that we will be able to start community events again soon.

Page Updated:  January 15, 2022
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