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Often times the RVRA office will get a request for the name (s) of local cotractors to help residents with repairs on their homes.  The Board of Directors does not refer contractors.  It is important to know that there are many questions to ask before agreeing to hire a contractor.  Below we have researched important steps to take when choosing the repair person, company or specialist best for your work.

This page is still being researched and edited for up to date content 4/18/2022.

Where To Look and What To Ask

It can often seem overwhelming when you need to hire someone to work on your property.  We hope the following information helps you.

Looking for a Contract

Some of the beginning steps before agreeing to hire anyone is gathering information about who they are. Make a list of several contractors to contact. You will want to try and get more than one quote.

Are they licensed, insured and bonded? Ask for copies, this will also allow you to verify they are up to date.

Do they have a warranty associated with their work? Ask for a list of references. Search for reviews and reach out to the Better Business Bureau.

Have they completed a job similiar to yours?

Make sure that the quote provided to you is detailed including materials being used.  Also make sure you have a clear payment plan.  

Don't let price be your only guide.

Ask about how many projects they will be working on at one time or prior to your project. This can affect the timeframe of your project.

During your Project

Once you decide on a contractor make sure project timelines are provided.  Get an understanding of the people who are going to be doing the work.  Will the contract sub out any of the work?

Take notes, take before and after pictures during the project, ask questions and ask for a pause if you are unsure of the work taking place.  Keep records.

 Job Completion


Make sure to get a receipt indicating you have paid in full.

Go over the warranty that may hae been initially provided.  Understand how to reach out if you have prob

Write a review to help others


It could be a red flag if....

The contractor doesn't give you a written quote or contract.  The quote or contract is vague.  

The contractor asks for payment in full up front. The contractor only accepts cash.

No insurance or license.

Does not secure proper inspections or permits.

The contractor doesn't provide an address on any of his documents or contact information.

The contractor just shows up going door to door or after a storm or other disaster, do all the same research on them.

A contractor won't answer your questions or provide the information you request.  They rush you in a decision or offer to help you find a loan or financing.

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