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A few reminders from the RVRA office.  This section is in response to your questions and concerns.

If you have received a violation notice and have questions or concerns please reach out to us by email at  Thank you!

Before making improvements to the exterior of your home verify if an architectural packet is needed. Email the office at or call MJF Associates Inc. at 703-369-6535.

Tennis Court Nets have been replaced.  Please use the tennis/pickle ball court appropriately.  Thank you!  Several of our benches at the park have been replaced and are relocated in mostly shaded areas of the park and near the playground.

It is always important to read your Newsletter each quarter. We include point of contact information, HOA rule updates, county data and much more.  It can be found in the same envelope as your quarterly bill. 

At this time the RVRA does not accept HOA related payments online and we do not accept them at the local HOA office.  Payments are due on time to the address located on the bill.  Most banks do allow an option for you to set up auto payments through them.  If you have problems making your payment please inform our office.

It is important to check your mail and pick up any certified mail.

Solar Panels do require an architectural packet.  They also require you to look into PWC guidelines.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please email our office at

Please schedule pick up of large trash items, and do not leave them in front of your property or in the common area. 

Townhome section residents, if you see a neighbor putting trash in the common area please information your Townhome HOA.  Removal of this trash is costly.

Thank you.

Welcome to the community website for Rollingwood Village located in Woodbridge, VA.  

This page has been established to provide quick access to information on community events and other items of interest.  

If you have questions or concerns that need to be addressed, please contact the HOA for your specific townhome section, Rollingwood Village Recreation Association (RVRA) office at or 703-580-8157 to ensure your comments receive the attention they deserve.  Please do not send a message through the web site.  

Meetings are usually the 3rd Thursday of the month at 6 p.m. When the dates change they are advertised in your quarterly newsletter.
Please call the office manager if you would like to be on the agenda. Dates are always included in your quarterly newsletter.  The quarterly newsletter is included in the envelope with your quarterly bill.

If you are in need of information related to a disclosure packet, refinance, account information and payment information, please call our management office at 703-369-6535.

If you need assistance regarding a vehicle towing or parking issue in your townhome section, please contact your townhome section directly.

If you have a concern about a vehicle parked on a single family home street (maintained by VDOT) please call the non emergency police number.

If you want to reach out to VDOT and report a problem go to

If you have resolved a violation on your property please remember to call for a re-inspection and then call back for those results.  MJF Associates Inc. 703-369-6535. 

If you don't understand your violation or are having problems making corrections, please reach out and ask questions or provide an update.
Annual meeting notices have been mailed! Please RSVP if you are attending the annual meeting on Saturday, September 30th.  We look forward to seeing you and answering any questions you may have.

Be on the lookout for the RVRA newsletter coming out in October.  Details about the fall event we are participating in, will be including in that newsletter. More details to come. 

The September monthly meeting will be postponed.  Please email or call the office if you have concerns for the Board of Directors. is not managed by the HOA, this is a separate social media site for discussion amongst community members and residents in surrounding areas.  There are times when misinformation is broadcasted. Before complaining, please consider contacting our office and let us help you resolve issues or answer your questions.

Please contact us directly if you have any questions or concerns and need clarification.

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Page Updated:  September 17, 2023
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